First Post Blues

So, this is my first post using the shiny Word Press system. It has been a while since I did any form of blogging and some considerable time since I attempted to do any form of website design. Back in the day I used to have some basic html skills so it will be interesting to see how Word Press, which pretty much does everything for you, compares to my early experiences.

This first post will be a mix of playing around with the ‘Dashboard’ and with the edit-interface. I did a screen capture of an early version of the Preview of this Post.

screenshot 1

So far, so good. HTML is also flooding back as I write. I never learnt java script or C+ and really envy those who can design and use computer code.

I also have the need to set out some early thoughts as to what I want to blog about, see my ‘About’ section.

My interests are:-

  • Archaeology
  • Computer Games & Technology
  • Rowing
  • Food and Drink (I am a CAMRA member)

Looking at things like that it is interesting how we condense and compartmentalise our lives into bullet points and sound-bites. It never truly offers a glimpse of what the person is like only what they think the reader wants to see. I do have other interests… honest!


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